Thursday, June 26, 2008

You gotta move somethin'

Suoni Per Il Popolo reviews are trickling in over at Panpot. My reviews of Roswell Rudd/Mark Dresser and Hard Cell, earlier in the festival, should be appearing in the next issue of Coda. About 6 hours of respite this morning separates my last Suoni concert - Ken Vandermark's Free Fall, and Magnus Broo/Paal Nilssen-Love - from the onslaught of my next assignment.

Reminder: Indigone Trio hits the Best Buy Stage TOMORROW at 9 & 11 pm. Two sets of music, free, on a Friday night. If you're in town, I'd like to see your face in the audience. Jazz Fest behind the scenes bloggity-blog stuff will go here, the rest (official reviews and such as that) will be reserved for Coda.

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