Thursday, June 05, 2008

The telephone rings again

Just picked up the new Brian Blade Fellowship record, Season of Changes. It's gorgeous in its layers and texture. I want to revisit the first two Fellowship records because I never really got into them at the time.

There is a telling statement in the liner notes though: you can text Verve for ringtones of three of the tunes. Wow.

The sinking feeling in my stomach - that even the "major" jazz labels are resorting to commodifying this expansive music as a friggin' ringtone - is countered by the idea that someone, in lieu of Rihanna, would use the Brian Blade Fellowship as a ringtone!


DJA said...

I have never understood the market for purchasing ringtones, when it is trivially easy to make your own. (On most phones, all you need to do upload an MP3.)

Mine is Bernie Worrell's clavinet intro to "Testify," much to the annoyance of my girlfriend.

Ryshpan said...

I haven't had much luck in creating custom ringtones. I might try it again but 90% of the time my phone is on vibrate, anyway.