Friday, January 04, 2008

Playlists, Jan 4/08

Jazz Amuck
Erik Friedlander
- "Prowl" (Prowl)
Keefe Jackson's Fast Citizens - "Blackout" (Ready Everyday)
Wayne Horvitz Gravitas Quartet - "Way Out East" (Way Out East)
Joe Morris/Ken Vandermark/Luther Gray - "Rebus 3" (Rebus)
Michael Musillami - "The Treatment" (The Treatment)
Amir ElSaffar - "Diaspora" (Two Rivers)
*Gary Schwartz - "What'dyasay?" (Public Transport Project)
*Don Scott - "Amasa" (Out of Line)
*Geordie Haley's Sea of Song Trio
- "C'est bon des pop tart" (Blue)
*Lina Allemano Four - "Vesper" (Concentric)
*Ingrid Jensen's Project O - "Dilemma" (Now as Then)
*Arkana Music - "Ontology (Keep Thinking)" (Hyprovisation)
Steve Lacy - "Blinks" (The Door)
Siegfried Kessler Trio - "Spikenard" (Live at the Gill's Club)
Mark Helias' Open Loose - "AKA" (Verbs of Will)
Braam/DeJoode/Vatcher - "Gosh, Ethnics Gan" (Change This Song)
Bobby Bradford - "Roswita's Dance" (Love's Dream)

Extra Groove Hour
Medeski Martin & Wood
- "Bemsha Swing-Lively Up Yourself" (It's a Jungle in Here)
Eval Mangiat - "Ra-Monk" (Monk Swing)
Kira Neris - "Open Doors" (Behind Closed Doors)
DJ Shadow - "Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul)" (Endtroducing [Deluxe])
Jaco Pastorius - "Opus Pocus" (s/t)
Billy Preston - "Struttin'" (Best Of)
Quantic f/ Spanky Wilson - "Don't Joke With a Hungry Man" (Mishaps Happening)
Gil Scott-Heron - "Third World Revolution" (Secrets)
Kutiman f/ Karolina
- "Music is Ruling My World" (s/t)
Charlie Hunter Quintet - "Try" (Right Now Move)
Roy Ayers - "Funk in the Hole" (Virgin Ubiquity II)
Talkover: Me'shell Ndegeocello - "Mu-Min" (Dance of the Infidel)
John Scofield - "Jungle Fiction" (Uberjam)

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