Sunday, June 13, 2010

Música universal

I just found this on Hermeto Pascoal's site - his principles of Universal Music. In the wake of Jazz Nerds International and all the fervour over at NextBop, I think it's highly refreshing and useful to return to some of these basic concepts (especially principles 1 through 4). I have taken the liberty of Google-Translating the text (as much of it as I can read; the link goes to a draft written in Hermeto's wife's hand).

In my experience of nearly 7 years of making Universal Music, and in 6 years of living with its creator, my beautiful love and master Hermeto Pascoal, I learn and realize more and more that:
- Harmony is the Mother of Music, Rhythm is the Father, and Melody or Theme is the child;
- Universal Music is mixed without prejudice, but with good taste;
- Good Taste is not learned at school;
- All is Sound;
- To be a Universal Musician is to love, create, imagine and be inspired by the sounds of Nature;
- Nature is all that it exists. It is all worlds, and beyond;
- The Universal Musician does not compare, does not generalize, only seeks to find himself;
- Everyone has much to contribute to music;
- The only label we accept for the music that we make is Universal Music;
- Universal Music is the brotherhood and the love among people;
- The essence is already in everyone, naturally;
- To be a Universal Musician is to be open to natural influences, without premeditation;
- A Universal Musician is anyone that feels Universal Music;
- Practice is the master;
- You need to use the theory in favour of the music;
- Universal Music is food for the soul;
- In Universal Music I found myself.

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Jason Parker said...

Pure gold!! Thanks for finding and posting this, David.