Monday, November 09, 2009

Blogroll Update - McGill edition

Taking care of some things over in the sidebar. Speaking of the sidebar, you can follow me in all sorts of locations in the social media jungle if you aren't already. Three new additions to the blogosphere to mention, all of them fellow McGill alumni.

Pianist and educator Earl MacDonald is keeping a blog over at Ever Up and Onward. Now the head of the UConn jazz program, I attended the BMI Jazz Composer's Workshop with Earl. The pieces he brought in were consistently gorgeous and inspiring. Read his essay about his prodigious student, Alma Macbride, the winner of the Mary Lou Williams contest.

Another pianist and educator, Josh Rager, can be found at XYJazz. Josh was just completing his master's while I was in undergrad, and he was a great mentor to me. A fantastic composer and arranger, he's put up some thought-provoking posts on the state of jazz audiences and students, as well as some great resources on voicings and lines.

Canadian nomad Jon McCaslin is blogging over here. A tremendous drummer, Jon was a fixture around McGill while I was there, before stints in Toronto and now Calgary. I remember playing on Christine Jensen's master's audition at McGill with Miles Perkin and Jon, and wondering whose audition, exactly, it was.

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Stompy Jon said...

Hey David,

Thanks for mentioning my blog.
Keep up the great work.
Look forward to playing together again sometime.
I forgot that we had played together on Christine's audition. That was a long time ago !