Thursday, May 21, 2009


With a year of building up to this event, it's finally here:

The Goods and BNL MTL present SOUNDSCAPES
at La Sala Rossa (4848 St. Laurent, coin St. Joseph)
May 23, 2009 - 10 pm - $10

So by now, I'm sure you know the story: Scott C and Claudio Marzano commissioned me to write an original "soundtrack" based on Rick Leong's painting "Dancing Serpent in Dawn's Quiet." With some hand-picked colleagues, we recorded the piece at McGill's Studio A, and then the Biennale released the multitrack files and score for anyone to remix and re-interpret.

By the time May 2009 rolled around, we had received many remixes from local artists as well as curious minds from Amsterdam and Scotland, and Rick had painted two new works based on the music. It doesn't stop there: on Saturday night, there will be an additional remix of the remixes, performed live by the musicians. It wouldn't be an edition of The Goods without some stellar DJ talent, though, so the dynamic duo of Scott C & Andy Williams will be joined by Dubline to spin tunes throughout the night.

The Dancing Serpent Players:
Mario Allard (MAQ/Papagroove) - alto saxophone & flute
Ben Henriques (Responsibility Club) - soprano & tenor saxophones
Gary Schwartz (Public Transport Project) - guitar
David Ryshpan - keyboards
Scott Kingsley (Kids Eat Crayons) - bass
Mark Nelson (Fieldtrip/Trio Bruxo) - drums
+ special guest KenLo le Narrateur....

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