Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rocking la maison!

Cheers to Andrew Waller at CJSW-FM (Calgary)'s Breaking the Tethers for playing our music last night. Also, hats off to Ron Steeds at CKCU-FM's Now's the Time for his longstanding support of Indigone, and his inclusion in his "String Driven Things" episode a while back; to the Douze Pouces gang for this crazy review; and to John Murph at WPFW-FM (Washington, DC), for including us in a hope-filled set a few weeks ago.

Indigone Trio & Strings' Cycles should now be at the libraries of most campus/community radio stations across Canada, and at a select few in the Northeast US. Keep an ear out - if you haven't heard us yet, you should soon. For any readers outside of Canada and the northeast US, let me know what stations you listen to!

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