Saturday, May 31, 2008

Back on the airwaves

I've taken an unintentional hiatus from radio - the confluence of new blood at both Jazz Euphorium and World Skip the Beat, and my other commitments. I'll be filling in Sunday, June 1 8 for the beloved Len Dobbin on Dobbin's Den (11 am-1 pm EST) and carrying on into the 1-2 pm slot known as The Hearing Trumpet. The gameplan is to stick to jazz for the first couple of hours and spread out from there, playing music I don't normally get to spin on air. Playlists, as always for my fill-in slots, will be posted here.

EDIT: err, got the date wrong. It's actually next Sunday! Whoops.

I'll be hosting World Skip on June 16, and will be back on Euphorium in July.

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