Friday, November 16, 2007

Tropicalia - my first YouTube blog!

Thanks to Kerry Politzer schooling me on the subject in Banff, I've been on a Brazilian music kick for the past couple of years, especially the whole tropicalia and MPB movements. Hearing Os Mutantes' "Bat Macumba" during dinner last night rekindled the interest, and I decided to do some YouTube digging.

Gilberto Gil e Os Mutantes:

Gilberto Gil, 1979:

Rare Jorge Ben, 1972:

And finally, some new school. Curumin - "Guerreiro" ao vivo!:


Dan said...

David, I've been getting deep into this stuff in the last year. If you haven't already, make sure to get the Milton Nascimiento Clube De Esquina album. You'll dig it. Also, Dusty Groove here in Chicago just rereleased an old Jorge Ben album that's worth picking up, great stuff.

Kerry said...

Hey Ryshpan! What's up? Are you coming to visit NYC anytime soon? You know there's a great teacher here who taught me everything I know about Brazilian music... percussionist Vanderlei Pereira. He does workshops out of his apartment, they are amazing and not expensive.

tina oiticica said...

Hello, Rysphan:

I invite you to pay a visit to my little blog, Anarchic_Universe, whose name is a tribute to Hélio Oiticica, my cousin, and his grandfather a linguist and anarchist. There is a lot on Tropicália and Os Mutantes you may want to peruse. Pelase be my guest. I thank you for finding "Aquele Abraço" and rare Jorge Ben.

I wish you good luck in your pursuits and hope you can get more and more immersed in the fabulous world of Brazilian art.

Ryshpan said...

Tina - thanks for dropping by. I'll be sure to check out your blog. Last year I went to the Tropicália art exhibit at the Bronx Museum of the Arts - fascinating, as I'd never really investigated the parallel visual arts movement.

Kerry - hey! I hope to make a pilgrimage to NYC in the new year some time. I'll keep you posted. Your new music sounds awesome.

Dan - I just saw the Clube de Esquina album in the store a couple of days ago. I'll go back on another trip and pick it up. Thanks for reminding me about Dusty Groove, too. I can see my money dissipating right now...