Saturday, February 24, 2007

Indigone Trio happenings

In March, Indigone Trio will be playing every Thursday from 6-8 pm at Le Parc des Princes, a new bistro up in the Mile-End neighbourhood (5293 Parc, in the area I once saw La Presse refer to as "le quartier de bagel"). The manager, Fred, is really keen on having this room be equal parts restaurant and venue. The ambience is quite nice, with large windows looking out onto Parc. For us, it's a great benefit to be playing every week, integrating new drummer Phil Melanson into the band.

Our gig last Friday, the first with Phil, showed quite a bit of promise. Though the crowd was small, it was populated by people we'd never played for, and they thoroughly enjoyed it. It was the first time "As of Now" and "First Impressions" have been played by Indigone Trio, though I've performed them in other settings.

Set I:
As of Now (D. Ryshpan)
Pleasure is All Mine (Björk)
Ramblin' (Ornette Coleman)
Love Is the Reason (A. Mallett)
Erghen Diado (Peter Lyondev)

Set II:
First Impressions (D. Ryshpan)
Law Years (Ornette Coleman)
Round and Round (A. Mallett)
Enumeration (D. Ryshpan)
Dupla Traição (Djavan)
One Finger Snap (Herbie Hancock)


Dan said...

Sounds great David, wish I could make a gig. I'm hoping you land stateside for graduate school so I can catch your music live. Any idea of when we might see a CD release from Indigone?

Ryshpan said...

Hey Dan,

Indigone Trio + Strings is currently in a holding pattern with Ropeadope Digital. Hopefully that will come out soon. As for the pure trio, it all depends on scheduling. Both Alex and I are done with our Bachelor's and neither of us are exactly sure where we'll end up in a few months.

riboflavinjoe said...

Hi David

I will be coming tonight, if I can get there on time! See you soon.

Joey F

riboflavinjoe said...

Hey david

I will be coming tonight!

see you then