Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Apt timing

Today markes the 17th anniversary of the Ecole Polytechnique Massacre, in which a gunman murdered fourteen women, in the name of protesting affirmative action, which he felt kept him out of engineering school, and feminists. December 6 has become a day of remembrance in Canada, especially in Quebec, and marks the culmination of the White Ribbon Campaign, to combat violence against women.

Memories of the senseless shooting were evoked a few months ago with the incident at Dawson College, in which a gunman wounded many and fatally shot freshman Anastasia De Sousa. Tomorrow, at Metropolis, a benefit concert will be held for the Anastasia De Sousa Memorial Fund and Kids Help Phone/Jeunesse, J'├ęcoute. Performers include The Stills, Fred Everything, D-Shade from Shades of Culture, Heavy Traffic, Broken Palace, DJ Majess, Schmelvis and Soulvation
. Full disclosure: my friend's band, The Beautiful Unknown, is also on the roster. Regardless of music taste (of the bands I've heard of, most are hard rock or hip-hop), it's a worthy cause. If you can't make the concert (or choose not to), at least donate to the fund above. I didn't know Anastasia, and never went to Dawson, but that doesn't matter at all. It's important to remember, and take steps towards moving forward and trying to prevent similar scenarios.

On a lighter note, I'm hosting Jazz Euphorium tonight. CKUT, 8 pm EST.

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