Friday, November 10, 2006

Jazz Amuck playlist - November 10, 2006

I had some issues with the mic mixer, which accounted for the super-long opening set. No one likes to hear that much talking, anyway...

Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack - "The System Cannot Withstand Close Scrutiny" (Intents and Purposes - 482 Music)
Mark Feldman - "Father Demo Square" (What Exit - ECM)
Farina/Gray/McBride - "Heart of Mica" (Out Trios Vol. 4: Almanac - Atavistic)
*Ken Aldcroft's Convergence Ensemble - "A Refreshing Night/A Union Theme" (The Great Divide - Trio Records)
Sun Ra - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" (Springtime in Chicago - Leo)
Rudresh Mahanthappa - "The Decider" (Codebook - Pi)
*Quinsin Nachoff - "There and Back" (Magic Numbers - Songlines)
*Thom Gossage Other Voices - "February" (5 - Effendi)
Chick Corea - "Matrix" (Now He Sings, Now He Sobs - Blue Note)
Thomas Chapin Trio - "Ticket to Ride" (Ride - Playscape)
Whit Dickey - "Vortex" (Sacred Ground - Clean Feed)
Skidmore/Osborne/Surman - "Where's Junior?" (SOS - Ogun/Disk Union)
Vandermark 5 - "Aperture" (A Discontinuous Line - Atavistic)
*Lina Allemano Four - "Concentric" (Concentric - Lumo)
Art Ensemble of Chicago - "Odwalla" (Non-Cognitive Aspects of the City: Live at Iridium - Pi)
Jane Ira Bloom - "Monk's Rec Room" (The Red Quartets - Arabesque)

* = Canadian content


Dan said...

Nice playlist David. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on some of the recent releases on your playlist, namely the Rudresh Manathappa, Vandermark 5, and the Art Ensemble discs - if you feel like it, write up a blog post, or respond here.

Ryshpan said...

Hi Dan,

I didn't have a chance to listen to the albums full through, so I don't want to judge them on those terms right now. I was filling in for John B, the usual host, and many of the discs were on loan from his processing pile. Here's some quick thoughts, though:

- Rudresh's album grooves in a much different way than Vijay's last album, Reimagining, and I think it has to do with the way Dan Weiss synthesizes Indian music as opposed to Marcus Gilmore's M-BASE, odd-meter hip-hop approach. I had read the Wired review of Codebook, and the music isn't as dense as I'd thought it might be.

- The addition of Fred Lonberg-Holm emphasises the chamber element of Vandermark 5, which was a direction they were pursuing more as Jeb Bishop left the guitar behind.

- I'm happy to hear that Jaribu and Corey Wilkes have settled well into the AEC. It reminded me of the vibrance of the ECM period - Nice Guys and Urban Bushmen.

Dan said...

Cool, thanks for your thoughts - I look forward to checking them out.

nd said...

Just noticed the Chapin track in the playlist -- good to see it there. Pity that the album's got a few oddities of balance/volume (I found that I had to turn it way up after the loud opening sax solo on track 1) which I think could have been cosmetically adjusted a little... but the performance is HOT HOT HOT. In fact it rivals most of the contents of the KF box set. The Beatles tune isn't my fave track (the first three tracks are the best just because they reach an apex of mindblowing intensity) but basically it's a real find. Wonder how much unreleased Chapin remains in the can.... I hope a little more.