Monday, September 04, 2006

RIP Dewey Redman

Opening up my blog feeds just now, I see three entries: Dewey in memoriam. I'm sitting here somewhat stunned. Contrary to what Pat writes, I didn't see this one coming. Dewey played at the Jazz Fest a couple of years ago, and by all reports was in decent health and more than decent sound.

The three entries above have covered all I could write about Dewey. I had heard of him peripherally up until Momentum Space came out - an intriguing record, featuring Cecil Taylor and Elvin Jones (upon typing this I realize Cecil's the sole living member of that group now...), which may not be any of their strongest recordings but still a solid outing, and may have been the record that started the gradual opening of my ears to avant-garde sounds. I remember putting on New York Is Now! for the first time, and Dewey's howling entry on "The Garden of Souls," foreshadowed in the liner notes and highly esteemed by the Bad Plus, knocked me on my ass.

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