Saturday, July 15, 2006

The night the lights went out sur avenue du parc

This is what I get for not checking my Hour newsletters. I am stunned that Cinéma du Parc is going under. It's been a cornerstone of my life in Montreal, and more than that, it's usually been packed. Located right beside the New Residence of McGill University, and a very short walk away from the rest of the campus, it's in a central location of the city, easily accessible by metro and/or bus.

According to the press release on their site, it seems like it's yet another case of the multinational Goliaths devouring the hipper, trendier, smaller Davids. Never mind that AMC is a bigger business with comfier chairs, I've never really dug the atmosphere there. It's a legendary hockey stadium converted into a mall, complete with glaring fluorescent lights. There was always at least one movie that overlapped between AMC and du Parc, but I'd choose du Parc any day - it was more conducive to a student budget, for one, and it felt like you were sitting in your movie geek buddy's basement.

This doesn't rid Montreal of its rep cinemas, despite with the Hour article and the comments imply - it does rid Montreal of its Anglo rep cinema. It appears that CdP's sister theatre, Ex-Centris, will continue to be alive and well, and there's also le Parisien on Ste. Catherine.

The final screening at du Parc is scheduled for August 3. Fittingly, the film scheduled to be shown is The Corporation (which I never saw during its first run, anyway). I will do my damnedest to be there... for old times' sake.


adventure said...
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Joe Mason said...

My personal theory (going on no evidence at all) is that the ex-Centris owners deliberately killed Parc. Before the closing, they took it over, fired the manager, changed the lineup of movies and the way it advertised into something that made it very inconvenient to find out what's playing there. Maybe it was just incompetance, though.

Becky said...

Hi David,

I just discovered your blog site just now, from the myspace page - where I went to listen to your new big band tune - really awesome by the way.

This is not so awesome. Sucks man! It's ironic, because I was just thinking the other day, how MUCH I'll appreciate having a place like Parc to go to again when I move back to the city...
How disappointing is this! Sigh.


dja said...

Damn. I was in Montreal when the Cinéma du Paris owners took over the 3-plex in the Galleries du Parc, and once it opened I practically lived in that theatre. The Parc 10-movie card was always a budget priority (before food). So many great memories of moviegoing there... I'm heartbroken.

Anonymous said...
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