Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Retail therapy

Half the band went out to Spec's yesterday, and we each dropped significant portions of our pay. My rewards:

Frederic Rzewski - Rzewski Plays Rzewski: Works for Solo Piano (the big Nonesuch box; fantastic. Thanks to Darcy for hipping me to him.)
Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness' First Finale
The Roots - The Roots Come Alive
Miles Davis - Water Babies
Duke Ellington - ...and His Mother Called Him Bill

I listened to excerpts of the new Paul Simon/Brian Eno collaboration, and the jury's still out. Obviously, one cannot judge the work of either of those masters by 30-second sound bites, but by the same token nothing convincing enough to make me keep it in the pile jumped out at me.

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Mwanji Ezana said...

I have the middle three records, all fantastic. I love "Waterbabies"' side A acoustic; side B electric split. "They Won't Go When I Go" (Or whatever it's called) from FFF is a glorious epic and I hope you got the 2-CD version of "Come Alive."